De lagom b-filmsaktiga mellansekvenserna i #Command & Conquer har blivit ett signum för serien och självklart återfinns de i aktuella #Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars. GameSpy pratade nyligen med ett par av skådespelarna som syns flitigt mellan uppdragen, Tricia Helfer och Grace Park som båda är mest kända för sina insatser i rymdserien Battlestar Galactica.

GameSpy: What was it about this game that made you want to be in it?

Tricia Helfer: For me, one of the biggest things was simply Electronic Arts because I knew immediately it would be of a quality that I would want to be associated with. And then, when I was sent the back story of the Tiberium universe, I found it quite fascinating.

Grace Park: I think one of the biggest draws was the success of the previous Command & Conquer. The way that it hit the market and the excitement that followed, it really changed the nature of gaming in a lot of ways.

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