Betala för att piska polaren online - tanken är absurd för många pc-spelare varför #Microsofts [n=18350 annonsering] av Windows Live framkallade våldsamma diskussioner. I en intervju på 1Up försvarar Peter Moore och Live General Manager J.J. Richards upplägget.

GFW: As someone who subscribes to Xbox Live, getting Gold perks on PC is great. From the diehard PC player's perspective, it's different. On Xbox 360, you don't have other options; if you want to play Gears of War online, you get Live. PC players, however, have other options, so I'm wondering, what is it about this particular option that makes it a must-have?

PM: Well, don't underestimate achievements. You're right, though. If you're a hardcore PC gamer [...] you have to hang back and have a look. But we are giving you a choice, and we're opening up a world where you get access to the console community. A lot of existing Gold members are going to get better value out of their Gold membership, and I like to think that we'll also grow both Silver and Gold memberships because of the breadth of the device-agnostic gaming experience that we're now providing.

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