Med tanke på de tidigare försöken att göra strategispel på [[Star Wars]]-licensen lyckades #Petroglyph väldigt bra med sitt #Empire at War. Deras nästa titel bygger också på att flytta enheter i framtiden, i februari tillkännagavs #Universe at War: Earth Assault och på GameSpot snackar designchefan Adam Isgreen om en av de utomjordiska raser som har siktet inställt på jorden.

From the very first concept meetings for Universe at War, we always wanted there to be a "big" faction. Big weapons, big units, big damage, and big craters left behind. Of course, there were issues with this approach. Could we make a faction that was mostly big, lumbering fortresses? Would they be fun to play if they were as slow as they should be? How would we divide the player's attention between combat and production? These were questions that would take us the next few months to iron out as we refined the first faction for Universe at War, the Hierarchy. In this article, I'll describe some of the processes we employed in creating this faction, from its name and look to the walkers and their methods of use.

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