Igår släpptes en ny patch till den svenskutvecklade strategititeln #Europa Universalis III. Patchen uppdaterar spelet till version 1.2.1 och bidrar bland annat med ett omgjort multiplayer-system och förbättrat stöd för modar.


New update 1.2.1 - MP Europa Universalis III

New York, USA (April 5, 2007) – Paradox Interactive announced today a new update for their critically acclaimed title Europa Universalis III. Update 1.2.1 includes things like:

-A complete overhaul of the multiplayer function to increase stability and overall gameplay experience.

-A further enhanced spy system with five brand new actions including claims fabrications, inciting natives and where bribing defenders of a siege will provide the player with more strategic options.

-After months of feedback and balancing, several areas of the game have been perfected in its balance, including military tradition, exploration, revolts, inheritance, unions, and much more.

-Improved interface with several new messages and tool tips added to the game to help explain and show underlying concepts more clearly to the players.

-An even stronger focus on support for the vast and growing modding community. A library of current modifications can be found here.

And much more! Players will be able to access the update through their EU III launcher.

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