I historisk längd är det få som mäter sig med #Empire Earth-serien och de två första spelen har dragit in tillräckligt med stålar för att motivera en tredje del. #Mad Doc Softwares Matthew Nordhaus, projektledare för utvecklingen, blev nyligen utfrågad av Actiontrip om enheterna, smartare datormotståndare och den förbättrade grafiken.

ActionTrip: A lot of things appear to have changed in Empire Earth III. Can you describe this new setting and the uncharted worlds that await players?

Matthew Nordhaus: We started with the base of every Empire Earth game: advance through time as you conquer the world. We based our units and technologies on historical fact, but we exaggerated things a great deal more than previous games. The best part of EEIII is that you actually get to conquer the world! The art direction is definitely a departure from the previous EE games, much more exaggerated. This makes the game very easy to play because you can see what types of units you are using: they all have large outlines that make them easy to identify. Overall, I think we had more fun with the game than we did before. Every unit has a historical basis, but we just took the appearance a little further out there. (Except the future units... some of them are just WAAAAAY out there... but you will have to wait and see those).

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