Pc-versionen av #Segas Björn Borg-doftande sportsimulator #Virtua Tennis 3 har uppdaterats. Viktigast torde botemedlet mot kraschar på maskiner drivna av #ATI-grafikkort vara, och därutöver kan du ändra "siktdjup" med Geforce 6-kort, utökade kontroller, med mer.

Change Log:

- Fixed crash on ATI hardware.

- Depth of field on nVidia GeForce 6+ hardware.

- Controller can be used to navigate the menu system.

- Better performance on multi-threaded processors.

- Fixed crashed caused by ALT-TAB.

- Prevented multiple copies of the game from running simultaeneously.

- Various minor graphical glitches.



To use this patch, please copy the 'VT3.exe' executable into the game directory, simply replacing the current VT3.exe executable.

Remapping Controls


The game pad controls have been changed, to remap them as they were previously, please use the control panel from Windows.

Depth of Field


Depth of Field only works with Nvidia graphic cards. To disable this feature, please open the config.ini file and change the following value:


1 is On, 0 is Off.

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