När FZ för närmare tre år sedan recenserade #Hydravisions skräckpangare #Obscure var omdömet ljummet. Varumärket är uppenbarligen ändå inte bortglömt då förläggaren #Playlogic idag meddelar att den franska utvecklaren som bäst jobbar på uppföljaren #Obscure 2 vars händelser på nytt skall sätta beväpnade och monsterförföljda studenter i rampljuset.

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Obscure 2: Ny skola, nya tonåringar, nya korridorer och nya monster
Spelet - som anmärkningsvärt nog inte kommer att släppas varesig till [[Playstation 3]] eller [[Xbox 360]] men väl till [[Playstation 2]], [[Wii]] och pc - kan inför lanseringen i höst redan nu beskådas i FZ:s bildarkiv där de fyra första bilderna inväntar presumtiva konsumenter.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, April 16, 2007 - Publisher Playlogic Entertainment, Inc. (OTCBB: PLGC) announces the acquisition of the survival horror game "Obscure II" from French development studio Hydravision. The sequel of the innovative Obscure will be released in Q3 of this year on PC and PS2. The release for Wii is set for Q4.

Obscure II (PC, PS2, Wii) takes place two years after the gruesome events of the first game. The survivors have gone on to college and try to return to their normal lives. After the discovery of a beautiful but strange plant on school campus, events take a turn for the worse. Soon, the college students have to battle for survival once again.

Players of Obscure II can choose their character and one AI controlled sidekick. In total there are six playable characters, each with their own unique abilities. These can be switched at various points in the game. Due to the game's unique co-op feature, friends can join at any time to team up and attempt surviving Obscure II together. There are many available weapons to keep the monsters that hunt you at bay. Light might be the players' biggest ally because you never know what's lurking in the shadows.

Stefan Layer, VP of Marketing & Sales of Playlogic International N.V: "I am extremely pleased that we added Obscure II to our line up. The first instalment was well received by both press and public. Hydravision has pushed the envelope with Obscure II and I am confident that the game will do even better then its

Dominique Morel, CTO of Playlogic International N.V: "Obscure II displays refined talent in every aspect, from high attention to visual details and optimized control schemes; and a dense and intense in-game atmosphere. It is a thrilling and unique game with polished game features; an incredible experience."

Denis Potentier, CEO of Hydravision: "We are happy to work together with Playlogic on Obscure II; they meet all of our expectations and I'm sure that their expertise will be very positive for the game. The two-person cooperative gameplay of Obscure II has been fully optimized. I think players will love this game."


  • Adventure and action in a teen horror movie scenario

  • 6 charismatic characters with unique skills

  • Unique co-op mode: second player can join in at any time

  • Highly detailed and rich 3D environment

  • Find clues and solve various riddles and mysteries

  • Vast variety of weapons and horrifying monsters

  • Stunning soundtrack performed by the Boston Symphonic Orchestra and the Paris Opera Children's Choir

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