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Omplåstrat spelHöga förväntningar till trots lade en hoper mer eller mindre irriterande tekniska problem med ubåtssimulatorn #Silent Hunter 4: Wolves of the Pacific sordin på stämningen när #Ubisoft lanserade spelet förra månaden. Med en [[patch]] i ryggen och ytterligare en som precis släppts torde dock titeln vara på väg att nå rätt köl - bland dagens uppdateringar nämns bland annat allehanda finjusteringar och korrekturer av tidigare kända krascher.



  • Modified the game rendering to accept FSAA and fixed high resolution rendering.

  • Added "Volumetric Fog" as a stand alone option, no longer member of the "Environmental Effects".

  • Added a new sound volume option, "Radio Volume", that controls the Radio and Gramophone volume.


  • Tuned the submarines efficiency mechanics

  • Fixed the damage model for the Kinposan Maru/Medium Modern Split Superstructure Freighter

  • Tuned the malfunction rates for torpedoes. Mk 10 Torpedoes will be more reliable now, as per historical data. Go Sugar boats!

  • Improved the Periscope/TBT torpedo status panel by making only the currently loading tube blink, instead of all that are in the queue

  • Tuned the submarines damage model

  • Added a new tuning option for the radio news/music volume ratio


  • Fixed a sound volume issue where some sound volumes were ignored in the game.

  • Removed crashes in replay and multiplayer.

  • Fixed a bug where refit in friendly harbors would not refit the cannon ammunition.

  • The "Maintain Current Depth" command (letter 'A') crash was fixed.

  • Position Keeper for negative bearings fix.

  • Fixed a bug where explosions were played in the scene after a load or a replay even if the explosion took place a long time ago.

  • Fixed the 'invisible monolith' that, if looking at it, will greatly reduce FPS.

  • Fixed a bug where the difficulty settings of the game were ignored in multiplayer. The game now starts with the selected settings from the session page.

  • Fixed a bug where, sometimes, if pressing the Stadimeter button the game would crash.

  • Fixed a bug where, When hovering over highlatable objects in 3d career room, the texture would dissapear.

  • Fixed a bug where, when pressing SHIFT+F2 in any 2d page the game would crash.

  • Fixed the bug in adversarial where the Escort Commander could see your submarine on the navigation map even if the sub was underwater.

  • Fixed a bug where the name on the captain's watch appears to be "Stevens". Nah, just kidding

  • Fixed the SD Air Search radar so that it no longer detects ships.

  • Fixed the Torpedo drag model. Now high speed torpedoes will hit fine.

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