Paniksmakande förtjusning tycks vara ledordet i #Left 4 Dead, #Turtle Rock Studios cooperative-fokuserade zombielir. Det är slutsatsen undertecknad drar efter att ha läst igenom 1Up:s förhandstitt som avslutas i deras veckovisa podavsnitt.

"Reloading!" A biker clad in typical black leather spits through a mustache and beard, seconds later slamming a clip into an assault rifle. It's quiet, now. It wasn't just moments ago. Did someone check the room we just came from? Why is he standing near the window? Didn't he play Resident Evil? In the seconds he spent reloading, he could've been made into a meal by the not-so shambling undead. Their corpses litter the room we're in. In Valve's Left 4 Dead, the only way you survive them is by sticking together.

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