#Halo-utvecklarna #Bungie har mottagit många frågor om varför #Halo 3-betan som snart ska släppas endast kommer att köras i tre veckor. Nu har företaget valt att kommentera saken och Frank O´Connor säger att det beror på att man vill ha god tid att ändra och lägga till saker som upptäckts under testperioden.

Frank hade också följande att säga om varför Halo 3-betan endast kommer att innehålla tre banor:

"The reasons you're getting three maps is similar, but has as much to do with our normal production schedule as anything else. It's easier to think of why you're not getting the rest of the maps. They're not done yet. All are geometry complete, but they're being polished and tuned for graphics and gameplay ?til the last minute. You could say that the maps you're playing are the best balanced and most complete so far.

"But they will change slightly, maybe noticeably when the game finally ships in fall. So by all means, learn ?em well next month, but don't get used to anything you see in there. Objects may have shifted while in flight."

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