I år var det tjugo år sedan skriptsystemet [[SCUMM]], som driver många äventyrsklassiker från #LucasArts, föddes. Bakom den välanvända koden stod Ron Gilbert som anställdes av #LucasArts för att porta [[Atari]]-spel till [[Commodore 64]] och med anledning av jubileumet har han blivit intervjuad av IGN.

IGN: What originally brought you to work in the games industry?

Gilbert: I had bought a Commodore 64 when I was in college and I was just programming it because it was fun to do. I wrote an extension to the Basic language that came with the Commodore called Graphics Basic. It allowed people using Basic to get access to the Commodore 64's graphics, which were really, really powerful but there was no way to access them through Basic. I sent that off to some companies to see if anyone wanted to publish it and there was a company that offered me a job. So that was the first job I had in the industry.

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