Om inte #Valve ändrar sig igen ska #Half-Life 2: Episode Two släppas under sommaren och fastän [[Gordon Freemans]] äventyr så kanske #Portal har väckt ditt intresse. GameSpy fick nyligen möjligheten spelet och rapporterar om de fysikvidriga pusslen.

Although there's not much of a story to Portal, the puzzles are presented as part of a continuous narrative: You play a female researcher at an unnamed test lab (it's not Black Mesa; Valve says it's set more in the Half-Life 2 timeline), who finds herself being pushed through a series of tests involving portal technology. Each puzzle ultimately tasks you with reaching an elevator which leads you from one level to the next, guided by a computerized voice which offers some humorous comments along the way. (As it turns out, the writers of the late, great Old Man Murray website now work for Valve and are responsible for Portal's dialogue, which, from what we've seen so far, is pretty damn funny.)

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