1.0.3-uppdateringen förenklar Inferno-svårighetsgraden och nerfar attack speed – vad tycker du om Blizzards ändringar?

Den efterlängtade 1.0.3-patchen till #Diablo III är äntligen lanserad! Inferno-svårighetsgraden förenklas, lootsprutet finputsas och attack speed nerfas – vad tycker du om #Blizzards ändringar?

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Diablo III Patch 1.0.3 - v.
The latest client patch notes can be found here.

Hotfixes made in addition to changes in patch 1.0.2c can be found here.
Table of Contents

Bug Fixes


To prevent monsters from being unintentionally kited into town from other areas of the game, portals have been placed at both ends of the bridge from New Tristram to The Weeping Hollow. Towns have always been intended to be a safe haven from combat, and this change will help keep the denizens of New Tristram safe from the dangers that lurk beyond its walls.



Friends will now sort alphabetically by name within the Friends List, first by Real ID and then by BattleTag
The Quick Join menu will now also sort alphabetically by name, first by Real ID and then by BattleTag
Chat settings and preferences will now be saved whenever you log out
Reporting another player using the Report > Spam option will now mute that player for the duration of your gaming session

Bug Fixes

Using the /who command in a heavily populated chat channel should no longer cause the client to crash
The "Invite to Party" button should no longer become grayed-out if a player:

Declines a party invite
Requests a party invite and then declines it
Accepts a party invite, but immediately then leaves the party

The character screen should now always display the display the correct act and quest information
If Real ID has been disabled for a Battle.net account, attempting to add a Real ID friend in Diablo III will now prompt the player with the following error message: "Battle.net is unable to add friends because you have Real ID disabled."



Active Skills

Ignore Pain

Skill Rune – Contempt for Weakness

The amount of damage reflected will now cap at the player's maximum Life


Skill Rune – Crushing Advance

The amount of damage reflected will now cap at the player's maximum Life
The tooltip has been updated to represent that both melee and ranged damage are reflected

Weapon Throw

Tooltip now displays the correct duration for how long a target will be slowed: "Hurl a throwing weapon at any enemy for 100% weapon damage and Slow the movement of the enemy by 60% for 1.5 seconds." (The functionality of the skill has not changed.)

Passive Skills


Now reduces the Fury cost of all skill by 75%, down from 100% (the 50% damage reduction remains unchanged)

Demon Hunter

Active Skills

Cluster Arrow

Skill Rune - Dazzling Arrow

Tooltip now displays the correct type of weapon damage dealt by Dazzling Arrow: "Enemies hit by grenades have a 55% chance to be stunned for 2 seconds and changes the damage to Physical." (The functionality of the skill has not changed.)


Skill Rune - Stun Grenades

Tooltip now displays the correct duration for how long a target will be stunned: "Hurl grenades that have a 25% chance to Stun enemies for 1.5 seconds." (The functionality of the skill has not changed.)

Bug Fixes


Skill Rune – Jagged Spikes

Effect will now only stack up to 10 times on a single target

Elemental Arrow

Skill Rune – Nether Tentacles

Tentacles will now only hit each target once



Monks can now use two-handed axes, two-handed maces, and two-handed swords

Active Skills


Skill Rune – Instant Karma

The amount of damage reflected will now cap at the player's maximum Life

Seven-Sided Strike

Skill Rune - Sustained Attack

Tooltip has been updated for clarity: "Reduces the cooldown of Seven-Sided Strike to 23 seconds." (The functionality of the skill has not changed.)

Mantra of Retribution

Damage will now cap based on the maximum Life of the target

Bug Fixes

Near Death Experience

Fatal damage absorbed by Serenity will no longer trigger Near Death Experience

Witch Doctor

Active Skills

Summon Zombie Dogs

Skill Rune – Leeching Beasts

Tooltip has been updated for clarity: "Your Zombie Dogs heal 50% of the damage they deal as Life divided evenly between themselves and you." (The functionality of the skill has not changed.)


Active Skills

Diamond Skin

Skill Rune – Mirror Skin

The amount of damage reflected will now cap at the amount of damage absorbed by Diamond Skin

Magic Weapon

When activated, a buff icon will now appear that displays the amount of time remaining


Skill Rune - Star Pact

Now deals damage as Arcane instead of Fire

Passive Skills


Tooltip now displays the correct duration for how long a target will be stunned: "Lightning damage dealt to enemies has up to a 8% chance to Stun the target for 1.5 seconds." (The functionality of the skill has not changed.)



+ Attack Speed bonus values on weapons and armor have been reduced by 50%

This change does not apply to quivers

High-end items (items level 61-63) will now drop in all Acts of Inferno and Acts III and IV of Hell difficulty

The new approximate drop rates are as follows:

Hell - Act III and Act IV

iLvl 61: 9%
iLvl 62: 1.9%
iLvl 63: 0%

Inferno - Act I

iLvl 61: 17.7%
iLvl 62: 7.9%
iLvl 63: 2.0%

Inferno - Act II

iLvl 61: 18.6%
iLvl 62: 12.4%
iLvl 63: 4.1%

Inferno - Act III and Act IV

iLvl 61: 24.1%
iLvl 62: 16.1%
iLvl 63: 8.0%

Please see the Patch 1.0.3 Design Preview for more information and specific details

Repair costs have been increased for item levels between 53 and 63
Magic Find will no longer be considered when looting objects in the environment such as chests, barrels, vases, pots, and corpses
The item quality of all components needed to craft the Staff of Herding, as well as the Staff of Herding itself, have been changed from Common to Legendary (i.e. their item names will appear orange in color)
The Staff of Herding can no longer be salvaged or dropped
Crafted items that are dropped on the ground due to a player’s inventory being full can no longer be seen or picked up by other players
Unique monsters in Hell and Inferno difficulty are no longer guaranteed to drop two Magic items when slain
Weapon racks will no longer drop weapons 100% of the time
Destructible objects no longer have a chance to drop items, and will only have a small chance to drop gold when destroyed

Weapons and Armor

"Balanced" superior items (i.e. Balanced Short Sword) will now grant a percent attack speed increase that only affects the weapon itself, rather than a flat increase to attacks per second that affected both equipped weapons when dual-wielding
Crowd Control Reduction from items and skills will now reduce the percentage value of Slow, Chill, and Attack Speed debuffs rather than reducing how long the debuff lasts

For example: previously, if you were debuffed by a 60% slow that lasted for 2 seconds while wearing gear that provides 20% Crowd Control Reduction, your movement speed would be reduced by 60%, but only for 1.6 seconds. Now, the same amount of Crowd Control Reduction will reduce the Slow effect to 48%, but the effect will remain for the full 2 second duration.

Manticore now has one additional bonus affix

User Interface

Minimum damage and Maximum damage values will now display separately in an item's tooltip (i.e. "+2-4 Damage" will now display as "+2 Minimum Damage” and “+2 Maximum Damage")
Tooltips for items on the ground will now show comparison stats
Resist values will now be taken into effect when calculating the Protection comparison stat (the Protection value is an average protection estimate of all your resists)
When comparing a two-handed weapon against two currently-equipped one-handed weapons, the game will now simulate the removal of both one-handed weapons (instead of simply removing the main-hand weapon, which resulted in an inaccurate comparison)
When selling items to a vendor, the most recently sold items will now always display at the bottom of the Buyback tab

Bug Fixes

Items level 50 and above will now display their item level in the tooltip
Damage Over Time (DoT) skills will now properly benefit from items with the +Critical Chance affix
Legendary items with the +Attack Speed bonus will now correctly provide a bonus to attack speed

Please note that this fix will only affect new Legendary drops. Existing Legendary items will be addressed in future patch.

Players wearing +Life on Kill items should no longer receive a benefit from this affix when "killing" friendly monsters (e.g. when a witch doctor re-summons a Spider Queen while another Spider Queen is still active)
Fixed a bug with linking items with socketed gems in chat
Fixed a bug where vendors would occasionally not have any items for sale
Fixed a bug where selling more than 12 items to a vendor and then buying back 1 of those items could cause multiple items to disappear from the Buyback tab
Fixed a bug where swapping a 1-slot item (i.e. a ring) with 2-slot item (i.e. a weapon) in the second or third tab of a player’s stash would sometimes cause the 2-slot item to be filtered incorrectly to the first tab
Fixed a bug that was causing Collector's Edition dyes to sell for the same price regardless of stack size



The gold and material crafting costs for all items level 1-59 have been reduced by 50% to 75%


The gold cost to level the Blacksmith has been reduced by 50%
The number of Pages of Blacksmithing, Tomes of Blacksmithing, or Tomes of Secrets required to level the Blacksmith has been reduced

Base levels now require 1 page/tome, down from 5
Milestone levels now require 2 pages/tomes, down from 5

The number of Pages of Blacksmithing and Tomes of Blacksmithing required to craft items level 1-59 has been reduced
Items with 3 affixes no longer require Pages of Blacksmithing or Tomes of Blacksmithing to craft
The gold cost of crafting items with 4 affixes and 5 affixes (including items in Inferno difficulty) has been reduced
Weapon crafting costs have been reduced
The chance for level 60 items to produce Legendary crafting materials when salvaged has been reduced


The gold and material cost to combine gems ranks 2-8 has been reduced

Combinations for these ranks now only require 2 gems, down from 3

The gold cost to combine each rank of gems is now as follows:

Rank 2 - Flawed: 10 gold (down from 500 gold)
Rank 3 - Regular: 25 gold (down from 750 gold)
Rank 4 - Flawless: 40 gold (down from 1250 gold)
Rank 5 - Perfect: 55 gold (down from 2000 gold)
Rank 6 - Radiant: 70 gold (down from 3500 gold)
Rank 7 - Square: 85 gold (down from 7500 gold)
Rank 8 - Flawless Square: 100 gold (down from 20,000 gold)



Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug where the maximum Life of your followers was being displayed as different values in different parts of the game UI



Mass Control

Radius reduced from 15 yards to 8 yards
If Enchantress also has Reflect Missiles trained, Mass Control will no longer accidentally hex the player when both skills are activated
Skill will now correctly target enemies in all circumstances



Bosses have had their pathing improved
The quality of the item for the fourth stack of Nephalem Valor from bosses has been slightly reduced

Skeleton King


Will now summon Skeletal Archers in Hell and Inferno difficulties

The Warden (mini-boss)


Now has Fast and Molten affixes, in addition to Jailer
In Inferno difficulty, the Warden will also gain the Desecrator affix


Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where the corner panel fires in the Chamber of Suffering were doing twice as much damage as intended



Gas Cloud

Radius of Gas Cloud has been slightly reduced
Slowing effect has been removed
The amount of damage dealt by Gas Cloud when first entering the cloud has been reduced, but the amount of damage incurred for remaining in the cloud has been increased
In Inferno difficulty, Gas Clouds will last longer, spawn 2 at a time, and (after 4 minutes) spawn more quickly


Bug Fixes

Punish Dust projectiles can no longer be reflected

Zoltun Kulle


Zoltun Kulle will now enrage in Inferno difficulty after 3 minutes, using his Ceiling Collapse ability more often and for much higher damage


Ceiling Collapse

Can now be cast at a player from any range


Fireball attack now moves slower
Can now be cast at a player from any range


Will now Teleport and run away from the player less often
Will now occasionally Teleport to the player



Belial will now enrage in Inferno difficulty after 3 minutes in his final phase, increasing the number of green pools dropped across the entire encounter platform

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug that was causing Belial to use his breath attack away from the player rather than towards the player under certain circumstances



Overall damage has been reduced
No longer vulnerable to Confuse and Charm effects
Will now drop a health globe every 25% health mark (i.e. at 75%, 50%, and 25% health)
Now enrages after 4 minutes
In Inferno difficulty, Siegebreaker will now gain the Reflects Damage affix




Spiderlings will now have an easier time hitting players, but their damage has been reduced by 20% to compensate
In Inferno difficulty, Spiderlings will now live longer, be more spread out, and (after 4 minutes) spawn more often



In Inferno difficulty, Rakanoth will now become much more aggressive after 3 minutes



Health pool has been increased
The number of Oppressors that join the fight has been reduced from 4 to 2
Will no longer target Followers or Tyrael as frequently


Base Attacks

Base attack damage has been lowered
No longer does Cold damage on top of base attacks


Charge damage has been reduced
Knockback has been removed
Will Charge slightly more often, but will only target players

Frozen Bombs

Frozen Bomb damage has been reduced
Bombs will now explode faster
Only 8 Bombs will now spawn around the player rather than 12
Bombs will spawn at Izual's feet less often

Frost Explosion

Frost Explosion damage has been reduced by 70%
Duration of freeze has been increased
Damage dealt to players while frozen will now break the effect
Players can now use defensive cooldown while frozen
Players can no longer avoid being frozen by doing high amounts of amount to Izual

Bug Fixes

Izual will no longer spawn twice if a player skips his introductory cut-scene


Bug Fixes

Damage Over Time (DoT) effects will now be properly cancelled when Diablo becomes invisible and casts Shadow Clones in Phase Two
Diablo "Stomp" ability is now correctly classified as a debuff instead of a buff
Fixed a bug that was causing pets to not attack Shadow Clones



Champions, Rares, and Uniques have had their pathing improved
Elite packs (Champion/Rare) now drop an additional item for players with 5 stacks of Nephalem Valor, which is guaranteed to be of Rare quality
Damage from monsters in Acts II, III, and IV in Inferno difficulty has been reduced
Colossal Golgor base damage has been reduced
Herald of Pestilence tentacle attack damage has been reduced
Soul Ripper and Soul Lasher damage has been reduced and both monsters will now run away less often
Wasps in Act II, Mage Constructs in Act II, and Winged Mollocks in Acts III and IV will now run away less
Succubus monsters will now run away less and for a shorter distance
The health pools of Woodwraiths in the Highlands now match the health pools of Woodwraiths in the Fields of Misery
Lacuni and Scavenger Rares and and Champions will now un-burrow when called by their allies
Bloodclan Warriors no longer knockback when buffed and attack slightly slower
Morlu no longer have the Invulnerable Minions, Health Link, or Fire Chains affixes
Plagued, Arcane Enchanted, and Electrified monsters no longer have resistance to Poison, Arcane, and Lightning damage (respectively)
Leaders of Invulnerable Minions packs have had their health pools reduced
Mortar monsters can now hurl projectiles farther, but their minimum range has also been increased by 100%

Bug Fixes

Interrupting a monster attack before it lands will now properly trigger its cooldown
Treasure Goblins will now drop gold piles for all nearby players
Lacuni Warrior Rares and Champions will now reset their enrage timer correctly in Inferno difficulty
The Succubus "Blood Star" debuff will no longer affect the player if the damage from the projectile is dodged/blocked/etc
The damage from the Succubus “Blood Star” debuff will now scale based on the current cost of a player's skill, even if the cost is reduced by items or skill runes
Monsters with the Extra Health affix should no longer gain more health every time players leave and join the game
Monsters with the Reflects Damage affix will no longer reflect Follower damage back to the player
Monsters with the Health Link and Knockback affixes will no longer knockback friendly monsters
Fixed a bug that was causing Champion Wallers to occasionally create walls at their location rather than the player's location
Fixed a bug where Sandwasp projectiles could sometimes become invisible

Bug Fixes


The experience bar for characters at level cap on a Guest Pass account will now display 0/0 experience. If the account holder upgrades to the full game, their characters will be at 0/41000 experience towards the next level.
The speed of the animation that plays when resurrecting another players should no longer scale with your attack speed
Attempting to cast a skill while spamming the Town Portal hot key will now correctly interrupt the Town Portal cast and animation
Players who use Town Portal while in a tar pit will no longer keep the tar pit debuff after being teleported
It is no longer possible for players in Hell difficulty to skip to Inferno difficulty by creating and leaving Public Games
It is no longer possible to prevent character death in a single-player game by pausing the game in one game client and then logging into the same account from a different game client
Fixed a bug where The Lyceum in the Southern Highlands was not appearing
Fixed a bug where players could switch their offerings in the Trade window right before clicking "Accept" and, due to high latency, the game would not always be able to verify that both players were accepting the same offerings
Fixed a bug that was allowing players to temporarily pick up items that belonged to another account
Fixed a bug that was causing players to become stuck when using a banner to port to another player that was in an "un-walkable" location (i.e. to a barbarian in the middle of performing Leap)
Fixed a position desync bug (aka "rubberbanding") that could happen when some movement skills (Strafe, Whirlwind, Tempest Rush) ended because the player ran out of the appropriate resource
Fixed several issues where a player's character would get stuck or "rubberband" while moving if their movement speed was slowed in any way
Several performance improvements have been made to both the PC and Mac client

Auction House

Item tooltips in the auction house will now correctly reflect stat bonuses provided by socketed gems
Items with class-specific affixes should now display the class restriction properly
It should no longer be possible for players to purchase a stack of items so large that it cannot be sent to their stash
The data displayed in each auction house tab should now properly reset when logging out

Shatterbone (Elite Berserker) i act 2, på alcarnus-questet, är helt sjuk i hell, så jag undrar om någon melee kan tanka honom i inferno :P 21/06 Problemet med D3 är att normal mode var sa förbannat enkelt. I D2 var det faktiskt en utmaning att döda diablo även pa normal om man bara körde en direkt run trough med polarna. D3 normal mode är skämtsamt enkelt och att dö är ju inte direkt ett hot.... 21/06 Efter de oändligt antal timmar jag har lagt i D2 så kändes D3 som ett skämt. Fick inte ens någon form av belöningskänsla när man dödade Diablo på Inferno. Men tydligen var spelet för svårt i alla fall(för vissa), men det är inte svårigheten som är probl... 21/06 Tja, eller så beror det på att alltför många forna Pc gamers migrerat till konsol, på Pc finns bara Facebook och WoW generationen kvar. Skamligt i vilket fall som helst ^^ 21/06 Exakt, skit tråkigt att det ska vara så nuförtiden. Skyller på alla dessa konsol småglin som födds med silver sked i munnen. 21/06 Källa? Nog för att folk har olika åsikter om nerfs osv men det är faktiskt lite patetiskt när folk slänger ur sig vad som helst. On-Topic: Spelar absolut ingen roll för min del att de "nerfar" Inferno, vill jag ha en rejäl utmaning så spelar jag Hardcor... 21/06 d3 är ett techdemo inte ett spel. 21/06 Samma här, en båge med 1255 DPS blev 1044 istället efter patchen :( älskade den bågen den förändrade hela min char, gick från 63.000 DPS till 39.000 :( 21/06 Det verkar som att dom har nerfat Magic Find helt och hållet. Jag springer runt med +147 MF på min Demon Hunter alt visserligen inte level 60 än men iaf. Det droppar friskt med blåa saker men efter patchen så får jag nästan inga rare. Jag har länge klag... 20/06 Tycker detta spel är helt misslyckat, spelade det enbart av den enkla andledningen att jag skulle klara ut det :) inte för att det var kul någonstans. bryr mig definitivt inte om de gör det lättare eller svårare. Tycker activision hade kunnat låta blizz... 20/06
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