MMO-marknaden börjar bli allt mer trångbodd och det börjar bli allt svårare att etablera sig. Förmodligen är det därför som #Hi-Rez Studios har valt att gå en något annorlunda väg med sin kommande titel #Global Agenda. Det utnyttjar nämligen Unreal Engine 3 till att skapa ett mer actionbetonat spel än vad genren är van vid där du är en spion i en smått futuristisk MMO-värld.


Hi-Rez Studios Announces Spy-Fi Action MMORPG Using Unreal Engine 3

Global Agenda - Espionage and Covert Operations Online

ATLANTA, Georgia ? March 1, 2007 ? Hi-Rez Studios, an independent developer of online entertainment, announced today that their debut title will be a mission-based action MMORPG using Unreal® Engine 3, set in a near future world of espionage and tactical covert operations. Global Agenda has been in development for over two years by a team of industry veterans. It features fast-paced ranged and close combat, RPG-style character progression, solo or cooperative team missions, and competitive play on a massive scale between player-created agencies.

A departure from the traditional online settings of high fantasy, outer space, or military, Global Agenda is set on 22nd century Earth. An invisible war is fought not with armies, but with elite teams of highly trained and well-equipped special agents, where technology is a race, knowledge is power, and everyone has an agenda.

"We want to provide players an engaging, next-generation tactical combat experience, but within the context of a single, evolving, massively multiplayer online world where actions have consequences", says Todd Harris, COO of Hi-Rez Studios. "Player-created agencies, with the right strategy and skill, can have a very real impact on each other and the world itself."

Key Planned Features

* Create, extensively customize, and develop an agent character that is unique within the world. Protect your secret identity through covert activity while increasing your skills and influence.

* Join a player-created agency, compete in a technology race for advanced weaponry, and advance your own agenda.

* Engage in solo, co-op, and team objective-based missions against non-player and other player-created agencies.

* Experience a dynamic world of espionage and intrigue, where in-game events and locations are influenced by the actions of players and agencies.