Shacknews fick nyligen chansen att klå upp ondskans hejdukar i den fjärde delen i Devil May Cry-serien, som släpps till Playstation 3, Xbox 360 och pc i slutet av året. Sammanfattningsvis beskriver skribenten titeln som en blandning av det första och tredje spelet.

For a series with only three entries to its name, Devil May Cry has an awfully storied history. Originally developed as a spin-off of the Resident Evil franchise, a bug that allowed enemies to be juggled became the inspiration for one of the most entertaining "stylish action" games the PlayStation 2 had ever seen. Unfortunately, the second game--which, unlike the first, was not directed by series creator Hideki Kamiya—managed to step all over nearly everything that made the first game good. By the time the third game arrived, fans were cautiously optimistic--and with good reason: it was hard. This was remedied to a degree by a Special Edition release of the game, which toned down the difficulty and added in a better continue system.