Kultförfattaren Tolkien har precis onlinedebuterad i och med #The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadow of Angmar och skaparna #Turbine Entertainment är toknöjda med premiären. På Warcry berättar Jeffrey Steefel, producent för spelet, att de än så länge sluppit några tekniska katastrofer.

In the first week and a half the game has only been offline once and in that case, it was intentionally taken offline by Turbine so they could patch some minor bugs and exploits that had cropped up. Historically, MMORPG launches are train wrecks and Turbine - now on their fourth launch - seems to have avoided that precedent. Overall, Steefel called it the best launch he'd ever been involved in and scored it "9 out of 10", with 10 being a completely perfect MMO launch.