Senare denna månad släpps ett gratistillägg till strategiliret #Theatre of War. Tilläggsnamnet #Battle for Moscow skvallrar om vad som väntar - strider i den ryska huvudstaden under andra världskriget - och utöver en ny kampanj ingår en baneditor. Expansionen kommer läggas upp på

Theatre of War - Battle for Moscow Add-on Contents

Battle for Moscow, November 1941 campaign

This big 10 mission campaign features completely new maps and challenges, and allows the player to re-live the second German assault on Moscow in November 1941 from the German and USSR perspective. The ten battles include historical engagements near Novopetrovsk, Istra, Krukovo, Yadromino, Chismena and Volokolamsk. Meeting engagements, encirclements, heavy assaults and light skirmishes during the brutal winter of 1941!

Theatre of War Map Editor

Fans have been waiting for this! The new Map Editor tool allows players to extensively change any of the existing mission and campaign maps, including changing placement and look of map objects such as buildings, trees, trenches, fortifications, damaged vehicles, and much more.