Reaktionerna på beskedet häromdagen om hur mycket #Hellgate: London kommer kosta att spela online är blandade. Genom att betala 10 dollar per månad får du tillgång till alla godsaker, men det går även att lira gratis, fast då i bantat skick. [[Bill Roper]] på #Flagship Studios berättar i ett öppet brev om motiven till de olika onlinealternativen.

Gamers also want choices, and we have so many great ideas for Hellgate: London, and the concept is so extendable, that we know we can keep adding to this game for a long time. We want to continue moving Hellgate: London forward in some really exciting directions, and to support ongoing development we’ve created a subscription service to give players access to new content as we go along. This commitment to our gamers was also a part of our plans for Hellgate: London from the very beginning.