Det blev inget krig mellan mänskligheten och Strogg förra året men utvecklingen av #Enemy Territory: Quake Wars börjar nu lida mot sitt slut. I februari [n=17764 annonserades] titeln även till plattformarna Playstation 3 och Xbox 360 och den kreativa chefen Paul Wedgewood verkar inte ha något emot korsbefruktningen.

GSUK: What's your personal opinion on the game now being announced as coming to the Xbox 360 and the PS3?

PW: I'm excited about it. The reason is because at Splash Damage we started playing with a 360 wired controller several months ago, and I noticed an increased level of control over the vehicles, because of the analog control scheme, which meant that I could accelerate or drive at the speed that I wanted to, I could turn at the exact angle I wanted to, I could just have a better, more fluid level of control over vehicles than is possible [with] a keyboard and a mouse.