Christian Larsson, en av våra frekventa bloggare, tipsar om att #Tomb Raider: Anniversary även kommer att släppas till Wii. Titeln har tidigare bara varit annonserad till pc och Playstation 2 men i en intervju med IGN berättar #Eidos-chefen Bill Gardner om planerna.

Why bring Anniversary to Wii now? What prompted this decision?

Bill Gardner: A couple things. One, I wanted Wii product, as you know. Let's not kid - I saw the Wii coming quite awhile ago. [Nintendo] asked me to come up and I went up with the head of Crystal Dynamics and we played with a prototype before the Wii was introduced. We were both thrilled with what we saw and played and we felt that the company needed to make a commitment to going in that direction. The problem we had was getting the development kits in time to make it happen in a timely basis with the releases we had scheduled for this year. We couldn't do that. I mean, as you've probably heard, everybody was late in getting their dev kits. Well, that piled into us also - let's not kid each other. As a result, it was impossible for us to make a simultaneous release - we didn't have the expertise to do that because we were later on getting out kits, and so on and so forth.

So what we wanted to do was to create a dynamic new experience with Tomb Raider to see how it'll work with Wii - to see if it goes out and does well on the platform. So that's where we are with it and it'll be out as quickly as we can possibly get it out.