Vanligtvis behöver du knacka in fuskkoder för att kunna gå igenom väggar men i #Portal är det hela spelidén. Eurogamer fick nyligen möjlighet att pröva sin intelligens mot #Valves speldesigners påhittighet, ett möte som till en början till de sistnämndas favör.

Portal begins by demonstrating through hands-on experimentation how portals work, and which surfaces you can use. When you first gain the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device, or the "portal gun", you can only place one portal, with the other fixed. It doesn't take long to grasp. "When we introduce a new mechanic, we'll playtest that and see if the player got it right away, if he was really confused, or just didn't get it at all, we have to go back to the drawing board," says Swift. "We just kept iterating on that until we found a good way to train players. Now we're able to teach them really complex mechanics and tricks." The benefits of this approach are apparent throughout. By the time the second portal is introduced, you're well into your stride, and happy to start firing them off.

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