Sam Fisher har tvingats ut ur skuggorna och i den andra delen i vår artikelserie om kommande #Splinter Cell: Conviction är just karaktärsutvecklingen i fokus.

Mary De Marle är kvinnnan som försöker visa upp en ny sida hos den tidigare superagenten. Hur ska fansen ta emot en Fisher utan svart dräkt och tre gröna prickar i pannan är bara ett av problemen som diskuteras.

The real difficulty is that after four episodes, a part of Sam in bodysuit/goggles no longer belongs to us, but to the fans. By getting Sam out of this gear-and-mission-type game play we could somehow be perceived as if we were taking something from the core players. This has always been part of our "thought process": how will fans take this change? However, in the end you need to have some integrity in your creative process and we couldn't provide a true fugitive experience with his old gear, or by playing via the Light and Shadow stealth mechanic. It may be a bit brutal, but it is there to serve the game, and ultimately, the fans. A half-decision always leads to half success, and we are not working this way.

Tilläggas bör att dessa intervjuer inte är skrivna av oss på FZ, utan av #Ubisoft själva.

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