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Zombie MasterTvå nya kartor, en grabbnäve buggfixar och en förenklad installation är vad som står till buds när #Half-Life 2-[[mod | modifikationen]] Zombie Master under kvällen uppgraderats till version 1.1. Nya och gamla zombieentusiaster hittar såväl klient (50 MB) som [[Linux]]-server (74 MB) i FZ:s filarkiv. Den kompletta förteckningen över förändringarna hittas kan i vanlig ordning läsas här nedan.



Zombie Master - Beta 1.1.0

  • 0000277: [Interface] Box selecting and letting go of LMOUSE mouse outside the screen causes problems

  • 0000275: [Models] Broken lawyer model

  • 0000273: [Weapons] Carry weapon lets players pick up heavier stuff when using +attack2 instead of +use

  • 0000271: [General] Throwing objects when picking up using the carry weapon's altfire leaves them floating

  • 0000265: [Weapons] Dropping a weapon should include your ammo into the weapon

  • 0000266: [Weapons] MAC 10 spits out shotgun shells from the players chest

  • 0000246: [Entities] Resource-giving map entity

  • 0000269: [Entities] Manipulates can fire, even when disabled, through the use of a trap

  • 0000249: [General] Observers stick to ladders

  • 0000264: [General] func_win doesn't give players points

  • 0000206: [Entities] Super lag when carrying items

  • 0000223: [Models] Pistol slide should animate when firing

  • 0000259: [Zombie] Zombie Ambush mode is broken

  • 0000256: [General] Teleport to selected group

  • 0000262: [Weapons] Players should only be able to pick up ammo for weapons they own

  • 0000231: [Interface] Inability to see who's using Voice Comm

  • 0000243: [Interface] Multiple spawn/manip menus can open in laggy environment

  • 0000251: [Interface] ZM Game Info broken

  • 0000228: [General] Players can observe spectators

  • 0000081: [General] Spectating Name/Health Doesn't Change

  • 0000258: [Weapons] Shotgun spread lowering

  • 0000242: [Interface] Exec zm.cfg when becoming ZM, survivor.cfg when becoming human

  • 0000254: [General] Turning speed tweaks

  • 0000253: [Zombie] Hulks have mismatched hitbox sizes

  • 0000252: [General] Flashlight effect tweaks