#Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 ska inom kort få en rejäl vårstädning och redan för en månad sedan kunde vi [n=19130 berätta] att uppdateringen innehåller en rad nyheter. #Tripwire Interactive har nu spikat menyn och förutom de tidigare nämnda nya banorna ska bland annat ett soundtrack och en ny tank implementeras.

Changelog for the new update!

Well, now that the next update is imminent, we thought we would list out the changelog for everyone, just to help whet your appetites a bit more! Some of them you are probably aware of - the full list is in the forum posting for this news item - but here are the highlights of the Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 Spring Update:

  • 10 of the best community made maps added for distribution with the game over Steam. Tripwire has worked with the developers of each of these maps to ensure the maps are optimized, polished, and gameplay balanced.

  • A new level of intensity with 50+ player multiplayer battles (up from the previous limit of 32).

  • New community made content: the Russian BT-7 light tank with infantry tank riders and the first player controllable anti-tank gun in the game.

  • The ?Orchestra? comes to the Ostfront - the game now features a complete in-game soundtrack from composer Matthew Burns.

  • The addition of several features requested by the clan/ladder/league community to enhance competitive play.

Take a look at the full changelog and let us know what you think on the forums - more, much more, to follow soon!