Sovjet har inte spelat ut sin roll som elakingar i spelvärlden, i #World in Conflict skruvar de upp temperaturen på kalla kriget till kokpunkten. Titeln är svenska utvecklaren #Massive Entertainments nya koncept, efter att ha släppt två spel i #Ground Control, och på Computer and Video Games berättar Martin Walfisz hur idén arbetades fram.

After Ground Control 2, we started work on a number of concept designs, but in many ways we still wanted to work on a strategy game but our real desire was to attempt to 're-invent' the genre. The cold war setting came about because we wanted to deal with realistic, modern warfare, but not with any current conflicts. As such, the 1980s setting was a pretty obvious choice, partly because it had never been done before, and partly because it's focusing on the two biggest military superpowers of the late 20th century. There's obviously a lot of potential that comes with such a setting, and we loved working within it!