#World of Warcraft innehåller en del maffiga miljöer men utan den välkomponerade musiken skulle gåshuden få svårt att brista ut. Bakom tonerna står kompositören Jason Heyes och på Gamespot pratar han om utmaningarna i att skapa musik till ett spel som människor spenderar dagar i.

I think the big struggle with a game like World of Warcraft or any huge persistent world where people will be in for a number of years is definitely trying to figure out how to address that kind of that experience with music. Not just the fact of it becoming boring, which of course is a factor, but even what would be appropriate. In a scene in a movie, you might know the guy walks into an area and then two minutes later he'll encounter an important event, and all this stuff is very linear kind of a moment-to-moment experience. It's very finite. But if someone is hanging around in a location of the world for hours, it's very difficult to even conceive how you would approach that aesthetically from a musical standpoint.

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