Blott 17 dagar återstår innan #The Darkness ska radas upp i spelbutikerna och de sista förhandstittarna börjar därför publiceras. Eurogamers slutsats är att om du gillar förstapersonspangare och skräckspel i allmänhet, och #The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay i synnerhet, är det troligtvis en fullträff.

So, the vital question; should you be quivering in anticipation of The Darkness' launch at the end of this month? In simple terms, if you enjoyed Riddick, or if you have ever liked first-person shooters, or horror games, or both, then yes, The Darkness is a fascinating prospect. In even more simple terms, quickly popping this game onto the Xbox 360 debug unit to check that it worked turned into a lost weekend, a remorseful 4am bedtime, and watching the credit screen roll past at some ungodly hour on Sunday night. This, believe me, doesn't happen very often around here. Call it the lure of the Darkness.

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