#Sports Interactive har skapat många skärm-Svennisar med sin #Football Manager-serie men hittils har de varit isolerade från varandra. #Football Manager Live ska ändra på det och utmana den traditionella trolltäta genren med enorma databaser och statistik i mängder.

Efter [n=19080 tillkännagivandet] i april har det varit hyfsat tyst kring titeln men WarCry har lyckats pressa företagsbossen Miles Jacobson på några detaljer om upplägget.

WarCry: You guys have spent years pumping out yearly Football Manager (and before that Championship Manager) editions. Why did you choose to go the online route now?

Miles Jacobson: It's something that we've only announced now - we've been working on it for a few years already, albeit it with a very small team, headed up by Oliver Collyer.

It came about because Oliver had just got back from traveling having left SI to not make computer games anymore with the idea for a new game. So we left him to it, and FML was born!

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