Diskussionerna kring den nya inriktningen för det kommande #Sim City Societies har varit många och långa. Istället för att detaljstyra byggnader är det den sociala faktorn som utvecklar städerna och GameSpy har tagit en första titt.

Let's get this out of the way -- SimCity: Societies is not SimCity 5. That in itself is going to turn off legions of Internet posters who will scream that EA is trying to dumb down Will Wright's classic franchise to get those millions of Sims dollars. If that were true, though, EA would never have entrusted one of its most valuable brands to a development crew like Tilted Mill. The company is filled up of refugees from legendary developer Impressions, which once created classic city-builders like the Caesar franchise (including the recent Caesar IV), Zeus, and Pharaoh. As for SimCity Societies... let's call it a side-project for the franchise Will Wright built. It's an intriguing remix, marrying the sandbox play SimCity is known for with the organic city-building Tilted Mill specializes in.

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