Fingerfärdiga fans av #Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars kan snart släppa lös sin kreativitet, enligt #Electronic Arts är ett [[SDK]] nästan klart. Det som återstår är bara att stryka bort alla skavanker, sen kan moddare bland annat se fram emot stöd för 3D Studios Max, tillgång till AI, balansering och verktyg för att konvertera ljud.

The MOD SDK is currently in progress and nearly complete. It's going to be filled with a ton of tools including updated plugins for 3DS Max versions 7-9 (we like you Vista users!), our full XML library which will give you access to the game balance, AI, and essential game logic code, audio conversion tools, and an array of other pipeline tools that will really allow modders to transform Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars into their own total conversion mod, of course while still retaining the fast and fluid gameplay C&C 3 is known for.

Right now we're tracking towards releasing in the next month or so. Even though the MOD SDK itself is nearly complete, we still need to put it through some rigorous testing. We also plan to privately reach out to some select modders in the community who can help ensure the SDK really packs the necessary punch needed!

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