Vi skrev om #To End All Wars redan för en dryg vecka sedan men då i förbifarten när vi [n=20258 rapporterade] om studion #Chemistry. Idag har det dock tillkännagivits och vi kan således dela med oss av den första sparsmakade information kring spelet. Det vi i dagsläget vet är nämligen bara att det kommer utnyttja Unreal Engine 3 till att ur ett förstapersonsperspektiv presentera förstavärldskriget samt att det ska släppas till Playstation 3 och Xbox 360 sommaren 2008.

Stephen Morgan, Head of Development at Ghostlight continues "By producing a title set in World War I, we are taking gaming into a new period of wartime history. Our research revealed huge global changes in both real-world technology and tactical deployment of battle units during the intense four year conflict. This has given us scope to present gamers with a multitude of evolving challenges within an ever changing environment".

The authenticity of the conflict has been put at the heart of the project. Period locations will be recreated in lavish detail, only weaponry of the time will be available and character design will reflect the uniforms and style of the era. Crucially the experience of the gritty combat in the trenches, the fear of charging across no man?s land, deadly secret excursions to enemy outposts in the dead of night and the heart stopping terror of pounding artillery guns will be central to the gaming experience.

Khaled Lababedi, Director of Ghostlight stated "The FPS genre is a competitive market however we believe that "To End All Wars" will be an exceptional title that will form the basis of a new gaming franchise. Alongside other products to be announced in the coming months "To End All Wars" will propel Ghostlight towards its stated objective of becoming a major global publisher."

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