Vanligtvis är alla goda ting tre men väntar du på #The Witcher kan du nog nöja dig med två. Både IGN och 1Up har fått spelet demonstrerat för sig och återberättar sina intryck under sammanlagt tre sidor.

Last Fall CD Projekt finally picked up a publisher, Atari, for their open-ended single-player role playing game, The Witcher. Based on Andrzej Sapkowski's fantasy series of novels, the game picks up after the events of the books, with Geralt, the most famous Witcher, getting pulled from the fields to a nearby Witcher stronghold called Kaer Morhen. Though he is a formidable Witcher, he's suffering, as so many leading video game characters seem to be, from amnesia, and spends the rest of the game remembering powers in which he was previously proficient.

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