EA Sports har idag tillkännagivit sitt "Family Play"-koncept som går ut på att förenkla kontrollerna i deras sportspel så att hela familjen kan vara med och leka. Nu innebär inte detta att spelen kommer att "dummas ner" utan du kommer kunna välja mellan en simpel och mer anvancerad styrning.

In the main game of Madden NFL 08, NBA LIVE 08 and FIFA 08, players have the choice to play the style that best suits their skills. When entering a contest, players now have the option to choose Advanced or Family Play. Once in the game, Advanced users take complete control of all aspects of the gameplay through intuitive Wii gestures using both the Nunchuk and Wii remote. EA SPORTS Family Play offers a simplified control system using just the Wii remote that enables novice players to focus on having fun while the console does the rest. With the Wii remote in hand, players control key actions ? such as shooting, passing, snapping, and throwing ? while the console controls the rest. It?s like having an invisible helper on your team. Plus, as novice players gain confidence in their ability they can gradually begin to use Advanced controls simply by plugging in the Nunchuk. It?s that easy.

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