Den senaste versionen av racingsimulatorn #Live for Speed har uppdaterats ett par grader. En patch modell liten höjer versionsnamnet från X till X9, vilket innebär ett par smärre förbättringar och justeringar på områden som gränssnitt, grafik och multiplayer.


Changes in PATCH X9 :

Interface :

Available start grid size now shown in game setup screen
Results table now shows user names if you press CTRL+SHIFT
Improved positioning of 3d menu objects (drivers and cars)
Display positioning support in Options->Display->Interface
Added buttons to reset position and size of moved interface
Analogue steer smooth max raised to 0.95 (to help gamepads)
Faster downloading system for auto update and offline skins
FIX : Autocross timing info turned orange after any results
FIX : ALT+F4 and /exit command now exit from meeting room

Graphics :

Minor optimisation in 2d display system
Optimised wide screen effect by using a viewport
Optimised mirror draw by using a narrow viewport
Removed missing lines of 2d elements at screen edges
Graphics option : 32 bit sky (32 bit is now default)
Improved texture purging code (avoiding possible crash)
FIX : Shift light was invisible in single player replays
FIX : GetPlateHandle message could come up on a busy host

Multiplayer :

Removed full hosts filter from List of Games screen
Added handicaps / start position / user name to MPR header
Show time and date of MPR by holding CTRL+SHIFT during replay
FIX : It was possible for any guest to cause a host to crash
FIX : A player is connecting stayed on after MPR finished
FIX : Command /end did not work if no players in race
FIX : Wrong way autokick did not work

InSim / Programmers :

Username is now saved in SP Replays
Driver model byte added to IS_NPL packet
Minimum MCI / NLP time interval reduced to 50 ms
New packet IS_AXO sent when an autocross object is hit
New packets IS_AXI and IS_AXC report layout information
FIX : Guests could not see ALWAYS_ON buttons in all screens
FIX : Guests sent corrupted data in a long IS_BTT packet
FIX : Dedicated host could not fill in split nodes info
FIX : Dedicated host did not report race positions

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