Att återuppliva ett gammalt varumärke är ofta riskfyllt men #Propaganda Games tror att de kan få dinosaurietemat i #Turok att fungera år 2007. På Eurogamer intervjuas Josh Holmes, en av grundarna av företaget, och Joel Manners om vad spelet har att erbjuda spelare.

What sort of gameplay styles are we going to experience? Will you change things up regularly like Half-Life? Concentrate variety into a certain mechanic like Gears? What's the plan?

Joel Manners: There's a ton of different ways that you can be successful playing through Turok. One of the things we spent a lot of effort on was making the environments really respond realistically to the life and action that is taking place within them, so the player is free to use that to his advantage.

A player could take a more stealthy approach, staying concealed in the dense jungle foliage, using silent weapons to pick off his opponents one by one. Or he can unlimber the heavy weapons in his arsenal and blast his way through even the toughest opponents.

Med tanke på att #Disney Interactive är titelns utgivare lär favoritvapnet Cerebral Bore inte göra comeback, vilket säkert kommer att påverak försäjlningssiffrorna.

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