Ytterst lite är känt om #BioWares MMO-projekt. Faktum är att dagens tillkännagivande om att de köper Perpetual Entertainments plattform för onlinespel är den första konkreta informationen kring det. Det kan tyckas svagt av en marknadsledare som det Texas-baserade att köpa en lösning från en konkurrent, men förhoppningsvis skapar det mer tid till att finjustera spelets mekanik vilket låter som en inte helt tokig prioritering.

"We evaluated numerous technology solutions to serve as the service backbone of our first MMO title and feel Perpetual's online platform is the best fit," said Gordon Walton, Co-Studio Director of BioWare Austin. "The Perpetual team has years of experience building infrastructure and tools for online games and we are thrilled to be working with them."

"BioWare is one of the leading developers of AAA games in the world and we know they will find the Perpetual platform provides both the functionality and ease-of-use they are looking for to support their upcoming title," said Joseph Keene, Co-Chairman and CEO, Perpetual Entertainment, Inc. "With the Perpetual platform, BioWare's Austin studio can focus on making great games while minimizing the time and effort required to deploy and support their titles."

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