Det har länge florerat rykten kring att #Nintendo ska vara på gång med en ny version av Wii som bland annat ska bestyckas med hårddisk och DVD-spelare. Hittills har det TV-spelsföretaget blånekat när detta har kommit på tal, men i en intervju med GameDaily säger George Harrison att det är en möjlighet som inte kan avskrivas.

It's interesting, console hardware has always historically been on a sort of fixed, sequential pattern almost every five to six years and it takes you about five years to develop a new piece of console hardware. The handhelds and portables, like Game Boy and now DS, we've always been continuously innovating, and whenever we feel like it's time or have an upgrade, we'll do it, whether it's an improved screen for the handheld or slimmed down like the DS Lite – those types of things. So it's not out of the question on Wii, but we're not even to our second holiday yet, so it's kind of premature to talk about any revisions to the hardware itself.

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