Äger du ett exemplar av #Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45? Isåfall har du chansen att deltaga i betatestandet av kommande uppdateringar. #Tripwire Interactive kommer att ge ut ett begränsat antal nycklar som ger tillgång till en helt separat build av spelet, en dedikerad betaserver och ett betaforum.

This new beta will be delivered through Steam as a completely separate build from the retail public release, needing a full separate download. This means that you can keep up the battle on the Eastern Front at any time in the public version OR the beta version. This version will change, quite rapidly at times, as our team tests, checks, fixes and updates the test version. In order to be a part of this and to get a pre-release look at what is coming next, you only need to fill in an online beta application and we'll send you your key if you are accepted. You will then be given access to our dedicated beta server, which will be running the builds 24/7 as well as our special beta forums where you can give your beta feedback to the devs.

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