Idag har den israeliska studion #Dark Motif tillkännagett sitt debutspel #Adam Syndrome och slängt med ett antal konceptbilder. Spelet, som enligt det första pressmeddelandet ska släppas under det tredje kvartalet 2008, är en äventyrstitel i vilken professor Adam Reed upptäcker att han är insyltad i en mörk och ondskefull konspiration som hotar världens välbefinnande.

Adam Syndrome is an original adventure game based on a dark mystery of novel-like size and depth. As the plot unfolds, the player will take control of Professor Adam Reed on his quest for answers following a strange chain of occurrences that ends with the sudden and mysterious death of his wife.

During the course of the game, the player will guide Adam through more than fifteen unique locations all over the world; locations that include ancient lost cities, futuristic laboratories, underwater complexes, gloomy old cemeteries, and many other fascinating places, as the character is plunged into an intricate web of conspiracy and secrets dating back to the very beginnings of mankind.

Blending real-life historical facts along with provocative fiction, Adam Syndrome brings storytelling back into the focus of gaming in a contemporary tale of survival, extinction, and the choice that lies between.

Backed by cinematic techniques, Adam Syndrome utilizes detailed, high-resolution backgrounds along with real-time special effects and a moody and suspenseful original soundtrack, to create a dark, immersive atmosphere that provides the perfect feeling for the game. Adam Syndrome makes use of the powerful Wintermute Engine, taking full advantage of its many advanced features such as the dynamic lighting and shadows and the particle system - all of which play a major role in the creation of the game's believable world.

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