Efter att Playstation 3 fått sin beskärda del av slarviga portningar har maskinen, med viss rätt, fått ta emot en hel del skit från personer som har en förkärlek för andra maskiner. Många av dessa har dock med stor säkerhet även påstått att nyutvecklade spel som #Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare kommer vara sämre på #Sonys konsol, snack som #Infinity Ward har tröttnat på. Enligt ett inlägg på spelets officilla forum kommer spelet nämligen att kicka precis lika mycket häck på Playstation 3 som till andra plattformar och ja, det kommer att flyta på i 60 FPS.

Guys, I have been seeing lots of folks talking about how they are going to be getting the shaft on PS3. Once and for all, let me say, CoD4 on the PS3 is going to KICK BUTTOCKS!

We have had some of the most talented developers in the world working on the PS3 version since day one. Before they had anything to work with with CoD4, they were taking CoD2 and bringing it over to the PS3. This gave them a massive understanding of how the PS3 hardware works (and only took them a few months). As soon as CoD4 was ready to be under full development, that team began optimizing the game for the PS3. Which was in month 4 or 5 I believe.

We just blew Sony's socks off at E3. They wanted to know why all 3rd party games didn't have console parity like we do. They are EXTREMELY excited about CoD4 for the PS3.

Stay tuned for updates on special CoD4 luv on the PS3.

and yes, PS3 version has 60 FPS minimum.

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