Om det är något MMORPG som släpptes innan det var moget så är det #Vanguard: Saga of Heroes och det har nu blivit något av genrens skräckexempel. #Sony Online Entertainment, som köpt upp utvecklarna #Sigil Games, har dock inte gett upp hoppet och med uppdatering nummer två som nu släppts hoppas de kunna locka nya spelare genom att göra det mer lättillgängligt.

In response to players’ requests, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes Game Update #2 will focus on making the game more user-friendly through a variety of alterations and additions.
Included with the performance increases in this update are:
• Level Based Diplomacy – Transitioning from “skill-based” (1-500) system to “level-based” (1-50) system will happen automatically and mean that a skill 120 player will now be level 12. NPC and items will also be converted.
• Rest Experience –Resting increases the rate at which a hero will gain adventuring, crafting, or diplomacy experience. As the player gains experience in a particular sphere, rest for that type of experience will be exhausted.
• Quest Journal and Tracking – The layout of the quest journal window has been changed to allow more info to be shown at once, your list of quests is on the left, and the info for the quest you have selected is on the right, making for less scrolling.
• Looking for Group (LFG) Improvements – Including more functionality and a more intuitive process.
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Following the Game Update, a server merge is scheduled to occur allowing more features to go live including:
• Guild Halls – Plots are now available for purchase and will operate in a similar manner as regular housing does, but will require new components and efforts from all three spheres of Vanguard.
• The Brotherhood System – Brotherhood is a method for players to gain experience for one another, even if some players are offline.

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