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Betatest på gångI anslutning till [n=21220 förmiddagens bildskörd] från #Huxley meddelar utvecklaren #Webzen att den [[Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 3]]-drivna titeln är föremål för ett slutet [[betatest]] mellan 13 och 18 september. Nyfikna skall kunna anmäla sitt intresse från och med tisdag nästa vecka - räkna dock med viss konkurrens då enbart 999 personer i ett första skede skall väljas ut för buggjakt.

August 22, 2007 - Global online entertainment company WEBZEN Inc. (www.webzen.com) announced today the dates of the much-anticipated first closed beta test for Huxley, the next-generation MMOFPS. The closed beta test will start on September 13.

One of the year's most anticipated titles, Huxley is the cutting-edge, next-generation MMOFPS, fusing traditional FPS with the quest and character growth system of the MMORPG. Being developed as a truly global game title for Webzen, Huxley has already been creating a sensation in the markets in Europe and North America with rave reviews and a $35 million deal with a Chinese publisher.

After 999 lucky beta testers are selected from the official Huxley website beginning on August 28, the closed beta test will take place from September 13 for five days. For the first time ever, testers will get a chance to experience the city where the characters live and breath. They will also be treated to a variety of play modes such as team death match and radar domination, as well as the core systems, including the quest, not seen before in standard FPS games.

"With Huxley's many innovative elements, gamers are in for a totally different experience", said Nam-Ju Kim, chief executive officer of Webzen, Inc. "Huxley is sure to challenge the existing genres with a new look and feel in multiple platforms. We're extremely confident that this title will set a new standard in MMOFPS."

Meanwhile, Webzen has been conducting various testing and external network tests with a focus group since June to better gauge gamer preferences and evaluate the game's stability. The first closed beta test is a part of a planned series of user tests.

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