#Kerberos Productions har släppt sin första uppdatering till strategispelet #Sword of the Stars: Born of Blood som är en expansion till #Sword of the Stars. Bland de mer intressanta nyheterna hittar vi förbättrad AI, smidigare meny för skeppbyggande och en ny minklass.


Key upgrades in version 1.4 include:

* New map (Disc Map)
* New class of mines added - the Cloaked Mine!
* The AI's responses to your actions have been added to the Diplomacy
Screen represented by "more/less positive" icons
* Track the status of your enemy's enemies in the Diplomacy Screen... see
who's at war and who has entered into non-aggression pacts!
* New Weapon Group Configuration panel added to the Ship Design Screen
* Several adjustments to random events and their timing
* New Sensor Range overlay added to the main star map
* Additional avatars and icons
* New option added allowing players to set automated "per-turn"
money/research donations
* Horizontal weapon arc displays added to the Ship Design Screen

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