Bättre premiärtitlar än #Far Cry får du leta efter men istället för att skriva på för en uppföljare utvecklar #Crytek actiontiteln #Crysis för #Electronic Arts. Ingen utgivare skulle dock låta ett sådant varumärke samla damm så Ubisoft-studion i Montreal är därför i full gång med att utveckla del två. #Far Cry 2 visades på [[Penny Arcade]]-mässan [[PAX]] och Joystick lyckades fånga in en representant från företaget för en intervju.

Why use the FarCry brand to make this game?

Well, I think that's kind of a business question for Ubisoft but my answer to that is, Ubisoft started with FarCry, published it and obviously started making the console games. The same time they were doing that ? keep in mind I started conception before FarCry Instincts even shipped. They were in production when I started conception. And Ubisoft knew at that time that they wanted a top tier PC sequel. At the same time they knew about FarCry; at that time Boiling Point was announced; we didn't know about Just Cause; they knew they were going to make at least two sequels on the console; LOST was on TV. Literally they said, "We're worried that we're going to dry up this brand."

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