Ett kombinerat sport- och actionspel med inriktning på lagbaserade matcher över nätet. Så presenteras #Fireteam Reloaded, vars utvecklare #Pixel Mine vidare förklarar att taktik och statistikuppsamling står högt på dagordningen. Premiär är det tänkt att bli i höst. Innan dess kommer sluten betatestning gå av stapeln och ytterligare besked om denna kommer ges på spelets hemsida.

In Fireteam Reloaded, players can form teams to battle across four unique game-play modes where players choose one of three character classes, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. The fast paced sports-like action is fueled by furious combat in a futuristic battleground setting.

"Players will have to rely on their team mates to succeed. The best players will use teamwork and coordinated tactics to advance up the rankings", says Bill Money, Chief Creative Officer for Pixel Mine. He adds "we designed Fireteam Reloaded to be very accessible; the learning curve is short and the game sessions are fast and exciting."

Full in-game voice chat support will let players communicate easily with each other to formulate strategy and taunt their opponents. Fireteam Reloaded also features a spectator mode which lets enthusiastic fans cheer or jeer from the sidelines.

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