#Battlefront.com har släppt en ny patch till Paradox-utgåvan av strategispelet #Combat Mission: Shock Force. Utöver de nya förbättringar som kommer med version 1.03, som du kan läsa om här nedan, innehåller den 163 MB stora filen även spelets tidigare uppdateringar.


v1.03 Patch Features

* LOS/LOF issues improved around areas like walls, buildings, and earthen berms.
* Fixed a bug that caused orders given in the setup phase to be ignored in Play-By-Email games.
* Vehicle pathfinding improved. It is important to note, however, that the slower speed commands will yield better results in more restricted terrain.
* Infantry no longer tends to wander into buildings except when specifically ordered to.
* Improved terrain graphics (the degree of improvement depends on your Texture Quality option, but note that the higher quality options run more slowly).
* Better unit placement in Quick Battles.
* A new "Show All Move Paths" key added to the Hotkeys Menu.
* Fixes to the "stuck soldier" problem.
* Fixes to the "stuck unit" problem.
* By default, infantry moving "Slow" (i.e. crawling) do not stand up and run to their destinations after halting for any reason.
* "Adjust Artillery Mission" function is fixed, along with other minor artillery bugs.
* Gunners are less likely to use high-explosive rather than armor-piercing ammo against armored targets.
* Improved anti-tank missile accuracy, especially with the Javelin ATGM.
* Clicking on enemy soldiers that were not previous spotted are no longer
* Very slight downward adjustment to M1 Abrams tank front armor strength.
* Javelin missile armor penetration increased modestly.
* Speed of the autoloaders on the T-72 and the Stryker MGS are reduced.
* Soldiers do a better job staying prone when under fire in the open.
* TacAI is more likely to fire on prone infantry.
* Computer player is less likely to use slow/crawling movement with its
* Syrian troops (except forward observers) cannot call in artillery.
* Blast movement now works properly.
* Fixed a bug where a soldier sometimes uses a Blue Force specialty icon in the
UI when it should be Red, or vice-versa.
* Improved seated poses for certain crewmen of M1 MBT, pickup trucks, taxis.
* MMGs rarely, if ever, fire single-round bursts.
* Clicking on an enemy's C2 display no longer switches to its HQ unit.
* Fixed "choppy" sound from vehicles when turning.

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