Att kombinera ett av de bästa spelsätten någonsin med något så coolt som zombies måste ju bli tårta, eller? #Left 4 Dead ser ut som en fullpoängare på pappret men det vore inte första gången översättningen till skärmen blir en besvikelse. En skribent på Shacknews har tillbringat en halvtimme med titeln som i nuläget är tänkt att släppas till pc och Xbox 360 i början av nästa år.

I picked up play as a survivor in a four-player round mid-level--as another player was leaving--and was instantly acclimated to the gameplay. Outside standard shooter controls, there was just one key press for all of the game's actions and context events. There's no on-screen map or much of a HUD to speak of, and teammates' ghostly white outlines can be seen through walls for quick regrouping. To be able to present a modern shooter in such an accessible way is definitely an accomplishment. But to present a four-player cooperative online shooter with literally zero learning curve in seconds is worthy of even greater accolades. Of course, if this simple gameplay wasn't paired with an overall experience of much greater breadth, those merits would be unfounded--not the case here.

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