Samspelande i kvadrat väntar i #Left 4 Dead där fyra kamrater ska försöka överleva bland hundratals hungriga odöda. Både Gamespot och IGN har färska intryck från titeln som ska släppas under våren nästa år.

The scenario we tried had us fighting through an apartment building, through some overrun city streets, and then up into an infested hospital. There will be four scenarios in the game with five maps each; you'll have to load that many sublevels within each scenario and play each one in one-off single- or multiplayer sessions. That is, they'll be short enough to finish easily in one sitting. Turtle Rock plans to keep each scenario replayable with the "director," a system that monitors your performance in each level, as well as the frequency and density of enemies. It also tailors subsequent enemy spawns accordingly. So you might head down an alleyway on one play-through and encounter no resistance, which would be eerie enough in itself. But then the next time, you could run into 30 of the evil bastards coming at you at once. The game is just that intense.

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