Många irriterade sig på mutantaporna som dök upp några timmar in i det första #Far Cry och #Ubisoft verkar ha lyssnat på fansen. GameShark har testat uppföljaren i sin nuvarande form och verkar nöjda med vad de har sett.

Far Cry 2 opens on your deathbed, malaria nearly draining the life from your body. To make matters worse, an arms dealer known as the Jackal has taken the time to express his disgust for you, leaning over your hospital bed to reiterate your pathetic state. It's at this moment your health turns for the better, fueled to recovery by an obsession with killing the Jackal not just because of his hard words but also his deplorable role in a civil war. The nefarious munitions supplier has been trading arms with two African dictators, which in turn perpetuates a war ravaging the citizens of the game's fictional nation. As one of a dozen playable mercenaries, your goal is to assassinate the Jackal and put a stop to the violence.

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