#Epic har sin vana trogen valt att inte annonsera något släppdatum för pc-versionen av #Gears of War, som funnits ute till Xbox 360 sedan november förra året. Som plåster på såren kommer datorspelare att få fem nya kapitel att skjuta sig igenom och i en intervju på CVG berättar [[CliffyB]] om vad som väntar.

We've got five new single-player chapters. If you played Gears on 360, there's a section where the guys just outrun this huge creature called the Brumak. This shows what happens between point A and point B - the APC the guys are in has to cross a bridge (which is like Tower Bridge, by the way) and they have to lower it with the Brumak stalking them.

They have to figure out a way to turn on the power while this four-storey-tall creature with teeth and guns is coming at them, and eventually it'll result in a confrontation.

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